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Action alert: Help us stop bad land cap bill!

Michigan Distilled loyalists!

We need your help to put the brakes on some bad legislation (SB 248) that would cap the number of acres of land the state may own. It is being considered by the Michigan House Natural Resources, Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Committee. 

The committee was expected to vote on the bill this morning, but postponed that decision. 

Below is the text of an Action Alert MEC Policy Director James Clift sent to our member groups.  We hope you’ll check out the alert, pick up the phone and help us block this shortsighted proposal.

You can find your State Representative here.

Thank you!


This bill will place a cap on the number of acres the State of Michigan can own.  A substitute bill will also require that the state prepare a plan for the acquisition and sale of state-owned land. We have been advocating for a provision that would remove the cap once the plan has been prepared by the state. Otherwise, the cap would be permanent unless it is removed by future legislative action.

We are requesting that you contact your State Representative (especially if they are on the committee) and ask them to remove the cap upon preparation of the plan by the Department of Natural Resources.

Committee members:

Frank Foster (R), Committee Chair, 107th District
Matt Huuki (R), Majority Vice-Chair, 110th District
Wayne A. Schmidt (R), 104th District
Kurt Damrow (R), 84th District
Holly Hughes (R), 91st District
Joel Johnson (R), 97th District
Peter Pettalia (R), 106th District
Harold L. Haugh (D), Minority Vice-Chair, 42nd District
Maureen L. Stapleton (D), 4th District
Timothy Bledsoe (D), 1st District
Dian Slavens (D), 21st District

A simple hard cap jeopardizes many of the state’s efforts in achieving economic recovery, improving talent attraction and retention, boosting tourism and recreation development, and protecting natural resources.

The benefit of investing and growing the outdoor recreation sector of Michigan’s economy is obvious. Our Pure Michigan brand is based on our natural resources and the quality of life they provide.  We are deeply concerned that a statewide cap on the purchase of new recreational land undermines the state’s efforts to increase tourism dollars spent in Michigan.

Michigan has a treasure in our miles of trails, trout streams and state forests. These are the assets that can make us attractive to precisely the kinds of young professionals we want to build the state’s future and restore our economic well-being.  Unfortunately, many of these recreational opportunities are 3-5 hours or more from our population centers in the Lower Peninsula.  Again, the statewide land cap will hamper our ability to provide recreational opportunities where we need them the most.

Lastly, the legislature always has the authority to restrict the purchase of additional lands.  If the legislature appropriates no money for that purpose, no lands can be bought.  We agree with the sponsor that a more strategic plan for property acquisition and sale is needed and will be required by this legislation.  However, the statewide cap on purchases is counterproductive and could hurt Michigan’s economy moving forward.


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  1. Bill sb -248………Bad Bill-!!!—wake up !——-how short sighted can you fools be???……….people live here in our state and Come from all over to enjoy our state lands for recreation and great outdoor enjoyment…if anything get more state land .not less……..make Michigans outdoors a large and growing mecca for the future.The hunters campers , fishermen , hikers , boaters,are very important tpo our states revenue in a huge way…and then to say we can only have so much state land and we may need to sell it off because we have capped our amount allowed is absolutely nuts. Many people think only of money and turning over an easy buck with this bill….and it is extremely short sighted for the future……think a bit about this with some in-depth reflection by seeing that once its gone and sold its gone…be creative and see the potential of state land and the great things that it can be used for other than a excessive amount of property that can be sold off.People put trust in our legislature.,so lets not prostitute a good thing.Think of Michigans outdoor future and see how blessed we are to have state land..the more the better,.respectfully……Martin Angers

    May 1, 2012

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